Cycling is a great way to get around the local area, whether for commuting or leisure trips. It offers a cost effective means of travel, which has benefits in terms of health and fitness as well as making a positive environmental contribution. All households will have secure cycle parking, making it even easier to get on your bike.

The whole of Otley is within easy cycling distance of Garnett Wharfe, while Burley in Wharfdale, Pool in Wharfdale and Menston (with its train station offering frequent services to Leeds) are a little further afield but still within a 5km bike ride).

To the right are a range of useful links, including a useful online journey planner and details of organised cycle rides, maintenance, training and other cycling initiatives.

Plan a journey by bike

Cycle Streets is a handy website that allows you to plan a journey by bike. Simply enter your start and end points and the website will do the rest.

Further Information:

  • Interactive Cycle Map

    Take a look at the growing range of cycle routes available across Leeds and beyond using this interactive cycle map:

    Interactive Cycle Map

    Or check out the National Cycle Network by clicking here
  • Cycling to work?

    If you currently cycle to work or would like to, why not see if your employer is part of the Cycle2Work scheme and take advantage of a tax free bike that you can pay for directly from your salary over a 12 month period. Examples of schemes include:
    Cycle Scheme:
    Halfords Cycle 2 Work
  • Cycling for health

    The NHS' Change4Life campaign provides great tips on how to make cycling enjoyable, whilst improving your health and fitness. It also provides advice on buying the right bike for you. Click here for more information.
  • Leeds City Council Cycle Pages

    Leeds City Council’s cycle pages have lots of useful information on cycling including, cycling clubs, cycle training, led cycle rides, cycle storage, cycle maintenance and repair services, bike rentals and many other cycling initiatives. To access this information click here
  • Free Cycle Training

    Cycle Leeds offer cycle training for people of all ages, as well as providing bike maintenance sessions. For more information click here